Writing does require time, energy and mind. Because if do not intend to spend it all, would like this blog. Rarely updated. He he he .. Kira2 there 5 months that I do not write anymore. Besides, because of busy coffee shop, I also tried to expand my business to produce its own coffee that I have initiated several months ago. One time, someone asked me for an interview. He said, to be one source to one daily newspaper in East Java, Surya. After the deal, and had several days delay because there are some things that needed to be done, we also met as well. Ask about all the business activities of this merchandise cethe with someone photographer seems. I also gained about this business. From start to zero until now. Not long, about 2 hours. While enjoying a cup of coffee at my mother who happens to make play to Sidoarjo. When finished answering the questions and take some pictures, they ask permission to leave. After a few days, I get an sms when the news was the fit in the daily newspaper of solar day. After browsing the Internet, the news was also in the fit on the website here and here. I copy and paste from there the news, something like this ...

Want to see the report?? Klik this : Cethe Merchandise at Surya Daily Newspapers

Source : http://refreshindonesia.com


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