Cethe Merchandise History


Coffee is one of the most popular beverage in the world human beings anywhere in the world. Therefore, no one variety of large and small companies busy-busy these fragrant seed production. No one, because coffee should be roasted for a drink, always loved the community. From a formal event or events 'tongkrongan' young and old, coffee cup was never absent from them. In town or in villages, coffee does not recognize the poor or the rich. One myth says, that coffee can be a means pengakrab rope friendship. And lastly, coffee produces a variety of research that says that it turns out, by drinking coffee, people can become more able to "positive". I knew it?


In my village, coffee Boyolangu become routine. Even I myself, have to drink coffee in a coffee shop while my mother was menyeduhkan each morning.  This is my doing because I felt that by drinking coffee in a coffee shop (again), I can meet with friends compatriot in one village in Tulungagung it. And again (and again), sometimes I get inspired about something in a gathering place that people hang out.

Why, what's in a coffee shop just a chat 'Ngalor-ngidul' not obvious? Yes baseball is ...

There is a variety of topics of conversation. From the start 'ngrasani' neighbor whose children married early, until a motorcycle sold bicarain neighbors of the price until kedaan .. With a duration of more than 30 minutes, sometimes more convincing than the ads on tv. He he ...


Donations will also be a manufacturing cethe. Coffee sediment removal on cigarettes has become the hallmark in our area and beyond. Cigarettes become more savory flavor when enjoyed is an expectation of cethe process. More enjoyable or not, it again depends on your taste. Probably for most areas who do not know cethe, pleasure is not so pronounced. What is clear, for us, cethe become an activity that almost certainly we did in Tulungagung.

The manufacturing process

To make cethe not so difficult. Simply by pouring hot coffee and freshly stir into the 'saucer' (a type of small plate). After the cast and set aside some time, the sediment in bawahlah which will be processed further. To reduce the water content in cethe, can attach a newspaper that has been cut into small pieces or you can also use tissue paper. After the reduced water content, can add a few drops of milk to prevent graffiti cethe on cigarettes can be easily damaged. Vanilla is in use to increase the fragrant aroma of smoke. But not everyone is using the vanilla. Lighter wood that has been in use can be used as one tool to tool or pencoretannya pen. With a sharpened appetite is subject to our motives to be in the picture, wooden matchsticks ready to use. Besides sharpened, with the combustion process again at the end could be a good alternative. The tip of a match that has been burned wood will be in the form of taper with scrawled on a newspaper or the floor and pen ready for use.

Tilt the saucer will make cethe fluid collects in one part of the edge of the saucer. This is just to simplify it. Because sometimes, if the person wants cethe more, then the process of habitation after the stirring of coffee just a minute. With the results of a more rough, then cethe will form more. But if the old habitation, then the result will be smoother in the can.


The initial idea of ​​this merchandise cethe actually been long in my mind long ago. When mencethe, I often doodled packs of cigarettes as well as the existing post newspaper java in a coffee shop. Of course, there are no further thought to make a business of this cethe. A few months ago about May 2009, I just think to make cethe become a souvernir Kakung Priyambodo when my brother advised me to make a souvenir. Creating a unique and creative stuff of course. Then finally, my sister who is also a member of the Navy the rank of major was up on the idea to create a painting cethe on waste items that are not used in general. Understandably, he has not had time to make his idea into reality because of his work continued at school S2 Master of Defence or defense management at the Institut Teknologi Bandung.

One of these wastes can by using leaves, wood or used paper. The leaves and wood that is dry, usually fell surely be thrown away or burned away. By mencethe the goods, one thing is certain the goods will be works of art that is not less unique and creative.


I finally had the idea to develop it. From painting, to waste and cethe souvernir of these. So I give the name and brand "Cethe Merchandise." Not far away, I hope, with this name cethe will be a distinctive and unique souvernir are able to penetrate the national market. Bringing a beautiful and unique Tulungagung. Captivate anyone who is there. Together with beautiful memories that never forget to look at the merchandise.


On his journey, cethe my merchandise carefully and I've made in Surabaya. Understandably, S1 level in college and have continued a small business there. for the development of motive cethe I contacted my friend who named Manet and Agus Yulianto who are in the wedding pack Boyolangu Mujianto on 22 May 2009, the neighbors behind the house which is also a Bayan. I hope my co-ordination can still do even though I was in Surabaya. Seeing the limitations of existing facilities, finally I occupy my sister's house located in Sidoarjo. There I display the goods "merchandise" me. From the manufacturing process until the sales process I do at home which is located at the Gedangan sidoarjo. in the house that my brother was willing to rent them out, I keep all the house in case one wants to hire who I named it the Gallery Cethe Merchandise.


For ads, I still rely on the internet and through word of mouth. You see, I share cethe free merchandise to customers souvernir for Refresh Laundry Service which pioneered and now I still developed in surabaya.

Sasang Priyo Sanyoto


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