Before starting a coffee shop business, you need to prepare mentally first is entrepreneurship. Why? Because of this mentality is very important because this is what will sustain you to the front in bringing your coffee shop.

Entrepreneurial mentality is different if we were still in a state as an employee who works elsewhere. If we become an employee, we will get a salary every month for sure. But far different if we had started to become entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is uncertain income every day. So every day, you will never know how much revenue you get. Life is very important if we have started to become entrepreneurs. Here we must be able to motivate yourself in order not easy to never give up and have a high motivation to think how the way to the coffee shop we always have a unique innovation and strategy and attract visitors.

Ok, I already have an entrepreneurial spirit, then what else is needed?

Find the place suitable for your coffee shop business. To set up a coffee shop, a place that is not the main strategic. Because of proven, coffee shop wherever you are, if it has the charm and uniqueness of a special concept, a coffee shop you must visit your customers.

Clearly, in selecting the location of your coffee shop, which should have the facilities such as safe parking, the availability of adequate electricity and water, and other comfortable place


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